Move Your Asana MYO 
A fast paced sequence where poses are held for mere moments. This dynamic moving practice is where great physical strength is built. Not only will you increase cardiovascular health, but burn calories and develop mental resilience. The quintessential in moving meditations!

Stay Don’t Stray SDS 
A more moderate paced class where time is taken in each and every pose. In this practice we find time to breath and space to move. Align the poses, deepen your practice and build substantial endurance. This is where magic happens!

Back to Basics B2B 
Gently explore essential yoga poses with many adaptations to suit your capabilities. Be it a new student to yoga, recovering from illness and injury or an experienced practitioner wanting to get back to the fundamentals, this class will safely explore the founding poses of yoga. Learn about what’s really going on with your body!

Dr Yin-Good 
Deeply stretches and restores balance. Moving slowly, with specific yin poses that are held for extended periods. This practice is one that will improve flexibility, alleviate tightness, increase health and truly nourish the body and the mind. Find out what it feels like to be Yoga stoned!
Bend and Stretch BNS  The ultimate stretch using active yoga poses and props to help open stiff muscles, sore joints and increase flexibility. Feel longer, leaner and more easiness in the body. Discover your bendy body.

Mat Pilates
A great way to move your body in new ways. Find muscles you never knew you had. Build strength and stability. Find function in your movement and your breath. The ultimate in mindful movement

Using the principles of Ballet and Yoga we combine these movements to create a mindful focus on core stability, form and alignment. Benefits include improved strength, posture, flexibility, balance, stability, endurance and muscle definition, together with breath work reducing stress.

Roll n Release
Using the Roll Model Method, learn how to relieve muscle aches and pains, improve posture and performance, increase mobility and energy, reduce stress and enhance breathing function. Using full-body self-myofascial release (self-massage) techniques with Roll Model Massage Therapy PLUS balls. Bring your own tune up balls or grab a pair in studio.

The Big Chill 

We take it oh so slow. Taking this nice and slow where we unwind from the week, discover solace in each pose and dissolve away from the chaos of day to day life. Using lots of props to restore the body, don’t plan to get off the floor for this class. This is truly a divine way to end your week!

Golden Yogis

Our Golden Yogi classes are specifically designed to accommodate those who suffer from limited mobility, recovering from major surgery or illness or just good ol age!! We take it slow and use a combination of Yoga therapy and chair and Barre yoga to move through a safe and supported practice. Our golden yogi classes will improve the quality of your life and lifestyle for now and the future.
Perfect if you suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacement, prosthetic assistance, tightness, stiffness, physical impairment, high and low blood pressure, in fact anything that impedes on living a pain free easy moving life!!


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