In The Lead Up To Birth

In the lead up to the birth (17 weeks to go) my focus is narrowing down onto the best options available in labour. I am asking all of my mother friends to share their experiences about what happened for them, what they found helped and/or hindered their experience. I have also been pointed in the direction of Calmbirth, where mothers are all educated in the birth and never have any need of drugs during the process. All of this research is what I share with my students and apply myself.

The one consistent thing all of them have said is that staying present and surrendering to the moment was the thing that helped them most.

This is a fundamental principle of yoga. It is one of the Niyamas of Pattanjali’s yoga sutras- Ishvarapranidhana- surrender to god. Whether you believe in god is irrelevant, the point is to surrender. The process of letting go is one of the most powerful things we can do, as it reminds us that at a greater level, we aren’t in control of things and we never were. Nor do we need to be.

Often in the course of some yoga classes this principle can go astray, and it is easy to forget in an attempt to attain a posture that the real reason yoga is so beneficial for us is that it brings us back to the present moment. 

When we achieve yoga we become one with our bodies and the world. We let go of any fears and ideas we have about being and allow ourselves to just be.

This is why pregnancy yoga has been so beneficial, because never before have I felt so at the mercy of ‘advice’ , ideas and judgements by other people and society at large. The notion of glowing didn’t really help when I got chloasma.  Having a chinese mother who keeps telling me about how she didn’t show until she was seven months doesn’t really grate either.

I feel grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience and lesson learnt with other women going through a similar process. And if it wasn’t for yoga I suspect I would probably have killed something by now, most likely my husband.

Shared by our beautiful Laura who takes our Urban Pregnancy classes Tuesdays @ 6pm and Saturdays @ 9.30am