Care Beware

When I was little ( littler than I am now!) I would find the highest point in my school playground, sit and stare out to sea, breathe deeply and do what I now know as meditation. When I closed my eyes and followed my breath, I would see super bright colours swirling around like a dance performance of energy and vibrancy. I intuitively knew that everything was connected…. and we are here to help each other…and take care of each other.

I’ll be honest with you.. That sensation gets filled up when you grow up. Schedules, goals, work load, families, oh my! I know you know what I’m talking about. We are all so busy and although I am grateful for everything my adventures have brought me so far, I have a strong intuitive sense it’s important to find that space inside again.

We are here to take care of each other.

I’m letting it be my mantra these days and it goes both ways. Take care of others and let others take care of you. When you experience this with friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers, you are in the prime of your life. Things happen easily, struggle doesn’t exist, and synchronicity happens from moment to moment.

This month I was treated to a weekend getaway.. from yoga, from children, from my life up here! I had 36 hours in my home town Sydney. 36 hours on my own.. on my own time! First in many years. I had the pleasure of spending time with good friends who I’ve not seen in many years. You know the kind of friends that time has no boundaries on your friendship.. when you catch-up its like nothing has passed and despite many things having happened in your time apart your still you and they’re still them. Funnily enough my time was spent mainly with friends with babies.. a time when taking care of everyone but yourself is commonplace. And it really is the simple things that help us take care of each other. Letting your friend know that she’s awesome and to trust her own judgement..Making a cup of tea for another so she can just sit for 5 minutes and take a break from her 3 month baby and 2 year old daughter .. letting go and allowing others to take care of your family while you take time out for yourself..and being okay with it!

The balance doesn’t work if you favour one or the other. If you spend most of your time taking care of others and forgetting about yourself, you spend all your time giving.
But you can give much more when you take care of yourself first. If you are mainly interested in your self, your own desires, your own dreams and your own goals, you drain from others. Ultimately feeling isolated, finding it harder to find those who want to take care of you.

1. Chose a simple activity that helps you take care of you. Let it be simple, (shopping sprees don’t count!) Take a long walk, start a project, read a good book, or take a bath.
It can be weekly or daily.
Mines a quiet cup of tea during AC’s morning nap.

2. Chose a simple activity that helps take care of someone else. Give a friend or a loved one a back rub, take a friend out for tea and ask them how they are doing in their life and just listen, or call an old friend for no reason other than just to catch up.

Right.. Well I’m off to take a bath, spend some time with my babies, and make a date with my man maybe even call a friend. How about you?