Healthy Me

Autumn is here, there is a little chill in those early mornings and as the days get shorter and cooler we tend to let things go.. especially or health!
I’ve been reminded lately in more ways than one that the most important thing you can do is take care of our selves.I didn’t always have the grounding self care in my life and I am so grateful to know how to take care of myself so when things start to slip, they don’t slip out of control.
I know your thinking, well I have a stressful job, an out of control schedule, and a busy family to take care of. I have to take care of everyone else there is no time for myself.. I totally hear you and I’m not trying to come across it’s so easy, just eat some vegies and do more yoga. We all have our stresses. It’s part of life. It comes and goes and comes and goes again. The trick I’ve learned along the way is to deal with it when it comes.
Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It is the best thing you can do for yourself, your life, your goals, your dreams, and for everyone you care about in your life. If you’re not healthy you can’t help yourself and your surely can’t help others. If you are only good when you’e not stressed and things are going smoothly, you aren’t much good to yourself whenever a stress wave hits, and your life will be on a roller coaster cycle of drama.

ACP Cousre still has a few spaces
This workshop is uniquely designed to assist women who have recently given birth, had abdominal and pelvic surgery or have discovered they’re core and pelvic floor muscles just aren’t what they used to be. Being such a sensitive topic for women we use Yoga therapy to assist in reactivating and strengthening your core abdominals, perineum and pelvic area. You will learn to rebuild your core, abdominals, pelvic floor and perineum, the right way. Discover ways to manage change in this area, learn to adapt your practice and get back on track!
This Sunday April 13th @9.30am- 11.30am

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Winner will be announced on FB April 30th