With Intention

Intentions are a powerful thing. They exists and direct our lives whether we are consciously making them or just going along without them. When we are clear about our intent be it day-to-day, weekly, yearly, or even for our whole life, we can rely on our intuition and the efforts we put into our lives become clear, direct, and powerful!
Whether you intent to feel connected, practice yoga, meditate daily, or see the good in others, just watch what happens in your day when you begin with setting an intention. Intentions are a fantastic way in creating clarity and reaching your goals.
Setting intentions are a easy and powerful way to initiate the process of moving toward living your ideal life.

Setting daily intentions is a simple way to reflect, and discover yourself.
Setting daily intentions is a direct way to gain comfort and safety in your skin, and revitalize your wonder and excitement for life.

Today I intend to take 5 minutes for myself, sit queitly and just be!
And do it. Simple really?!

So remember your intentions. They can be about practicing yoga, meditation, being more centered, connected, helping others, or helping yourself. Set your intention in the morning so you can follow through with your actions throughout the day.
Today I intend to smile at everyone.. yes everyone!
Today I intend to find a cure for cancer!

Not matter how big or small your intention is, just try it and who knows you might just start to live the life you dreamed.