Movement Is Medicine

Movement is Medicine
Well that’s what yoga is to most of us
Most of us discover yoga because we need to improve one or more aspects of our lives, be it flexibility, mindfulness, strength , relaxation.. just to name a few OR you were told by a health professional to do some yoga! For me it was a way to keep mobility in my spine from a near fatal car accident at 17. Yep a health professional for me!
I was told I would end up in a wheel chair by 40 if I didn’t keep myself mobile. Well my 40th just came and went and no sign of a wheel chair… Maybe 60?! Maybe Never!!
Well I had a little run in with another car…Actually they had a run into me and my mobility got somewhat immobile.
I have to say I’ve taken my mobility a little too much for granted of late.
So 2 months into rehabilitation I’ve been seeing an EP.. What’s an EP.. I asked the same question of my Chiro.
So an EP is an Exercise Physiologist….4 years uni, trained and specialised in  exercise intervention for those of us with a pre-existing conditions ( chronic pain, weight management, diabetes, hypertension just to name a few)  or  at risk of developing a musculoskeletal injury.
They believe in healing the body with exercise and  movement.
Sound familiar?
Not many forms of movement or exercise believe in healing in this manor or with such cohesion with Yoga
And  I’ve been fortunate enough to be  working with a great EP Matt from Vitruvian Movement.. I know some of you have had the pleasure.
After an initial consult where I get to discuss all things me, illnesses and anything hereditary, Matt took a holistic approach to my body and its healing. So healing I am and approaching my flexibility in a new way ….Turns out you can be too flexible!!
Matt has helped me to establish some new goals for me and my body post babies, car accident and for the future.
So Matt has kindly offered to extend his services to the Urban Yogi Community  and what he does isn’t for every one.. I can tell you I was a little hesitant myself but if you’ve suffered an injury or you know something just ain’t right in your self it might be worth checking what he does out.
And for those of you runners, triathletes and exercise junkies he’ll help you take it to a whole new level.
Ok what I did
I had 1 initial consultation with Matt Butterworth @ Vitruvian Fitness
Where we discussed
Medical and injury history
Training / movement history
Functional movement screen
Discussion of goals / objectives
And worked thru a functional movement screen
I then followed up with a personalised session a week later biased around my goals and the results on my initial functional movement screen
Its till May 15th only and I know he has limited sessions
FYI Matt wanted me to put this in just so you know.
Accredited Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals recognised by Medicare and many Private Health Insurers.
Basically you can claim this!
Now I have a weekly session where we go over movements that reinforce my bodies needs adding in new exercises that move me incrementally closer to those initial goals (feel free to ask me in class what my goals are.. they’re not very yogic must say!).  Matt has also sent me home with a short daily program that not only compliments my yoga practice but supports areas in my yoga that I have taken to for granted.. Its way generous of him  ($195 generous) and I’m super thankful that I found his help
His mindful approach respects the body I live in and the way that I need to use it.
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Karma Kalls

So you all know the line what comes around goes around .. But sometimes don’t you just get the feeling (especially when karma just digs a deeper whole for you)  that Karma has got the wrong person that or she’s got a sick sense of humour. I’m not speaking about me right now but this week I’ve had a couple of close friends really cop a karmic beating..Good people, Everyday people, just like you and me people. And I gotta ask the question what did they do to deserve this?
Does this Karma thing really exist? For me that is a question for the individual and what you believe yourself. I know I tend use Karma when it suits because I’m not really sure what I believe.. which for many of us its the same.
I simply try to live by my core values.. you know those things you won’t compromise for. Which I have to say it wasn’t until I was served a karmic beating  I wasn’t really aware what mine were.
On the upside Karma can work for us and many times its not in the obvious.. But those simple things such as safe passage to wherever it is we are going..you know when all the lights run green for you! Or something bigger and you just know in yourself  in every fibre of your being which decision you have to make.. and not necessarily the easier one but you know.. you just know..
And it all works out in the end!
Love those situations!
Okay so I am leading to something here.. Karmic Kalling!
Urban Yogi needs a little help with a few things at the moment.
And I’m offering yoga in return
My divine cleaner has left and gone abroad and I need to find another
Its 2 hours a week and you can make it suit your life as to when but it comes with an unlimited yoga pass in return.. Please email me if you might me able to help!
SEO.. Now a few of you have made mention that Urban Yogi’s SEO is a little on the not so side..
Which I know,, its not my thing I admit .. So I’m looking for help here be it training to show me how or a little bit of help with the SEO. Of course it has to be of value to everyone.
So if you think you can help with either of these  please email me or give me a call.. info@urbanyogi.com.au  07 3149 3511
Parking.. Some of us are having troubles finding parking of late causing late arrivals.. there are a few spaces behind the studio or after hours look to the post office parking and just knock on the back door .. we’ll be sure to let you in!
Back to Karma
Karma symbols such as endless knot  are common cultural motifs. Endless knots symbolize interlinking of cause and effect, a Karmic cycle that continues eternally!

Magic of Movement

Yoga is about moving with ease and practicing with the freedom.
It’s not just yoga that’s the magic, it’s about how you practice.
When you allow yourself the freedom to move your body how it feels good,
explore into all your parts, and to rest your mind on your breath, you get
really capable in your body, mind, and life.
Allow yourself to move how it feels good to move. Linger where it feels nice
to linger. Go to classes that make you feel good about yourself physically
and mentally. If it hurts, don’t do it. And most important, allow yourself
to have fun.

Okay so finally I have Direct Debit sorted! YAY!!
And I want to offer a special Direct Debit for February only!

Just $25 per week to keep yoga in your life.

It includes GST and gives you unlimited classes every week!

If your attending 2 or more classes a week it will more than pay for itself.
2 classes a week on a 10 pass class = $32 a week
1 month unlimited = $39.25 a week

Yep $25 a week to get your yoga on!

Just a few T &C’s .. Only a few I promise!
You have to have signed up before Feb 28th then it will normally be $30 a
You only need to sign up for 6 months
And It can be put on hold at any one time for a maximum of 1 month ..but
please give us 2 weeks notice so we can stop the payments.

That’s it !! $25 week direct debit for as much Yoga as you can imagine..

It won’t start till your current pass has expired fully.

All you need to do is email or call to confirm that you would like to
proceed and I will send thru the appropriate paper work .. Alternatively we
can organise it for you in studio at your next visit.

Yoga… we love it!!

Valentines day classes!
Don’t forget Valentines day is Friday and we want to share our love of
yoga… just bring a friend, loved one, aunt, brother even your neighbour,
just as long as they are new to Urban Yogi and your class is free .. We have
2 classes on Friday power 9.30am and 6pm.. So please join us this Valentines

One last thing Urban Bambini is all geared up to bring yoga to our kiddies..
Commencing March 1st Saturdays @ 8.45 to 9.15am ages 7-11 with the gorgeous
Mary Ann..

Next time you on your mat take time to move freely and notice how body pain
cures, emotional stress dissolves, and what’s left is happy people with lots
of energy living out amazing, radiant lives.

The First!

As we turn 3 months young I would like to thank everyone for visitng our lovely little studio!
With new beginnings come challenges of settling in, finding our place in the community and most importantly discovering ways to share our love of Yoga. I am so grateful for all the amazing people who have come thru the doors of Urban Yogi and even more excited to watch you all grow on your Yoga journey.. Thank you for taking it with us!

Our beloved Laura farewells us for awhile to enjoy her time as a new mother. Its time for her to take leave and prepare for the birth of her beautiful bubba. Laura we wish you all the very best and look forward to meeting your little man! There will be no changes to Laura’s classes as I will be safeguarding them until her return.

There are a few amendments to the timetable.
Prenatal Yoga on Saturdays at 9am please book into your first class only.
Bookings are required for the 6 Week Beginners Courses that run on Thursdays at 7.15pm.
Our 4pm Basics/Gentle class on Saturdays is open and does not require bookings.

October Long Weekend
Sat 7.30am Power
Sun 8.30am Align
Mon 6pm Power

I am always open to feedback in all its forms so feel free to call on 31493511
or email info@urbanyogi.com.au

Live …….Laugh…….. Love

Urban Yogi