Mindfulness and Meditation

Wednesdays @7.15pm

Each month we will explore different aspects of mindfulness and meditation

February we will focus on finding Mindfulness in our daily lives. From unstacking the dishwasher to driving to work/ school, feeling more satisfied in your life. Exploring tools to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, finding meaning in the monotonous, learning to be present… even if it is just for a few seconds.

Open to all!

Saturday Sessions Saturday Feb 25th 1.30-5pm

Creative Yoga Workshop with Jess  Jasch

In this workshop we’ll connect into your most healthful rhythm of flow so that you can experience a space for the creation of all that you want to bring in to your life, now and in your future.

Many of us so often feel stuck when it comes to ‘what to do next’ – whether it’s creatively as a project or simply in our lives. We might have some idea of the things we want to do, but sometimes if we’re stuck in habits that make it more challenging to create space for ourselves to do, we find that we have no idea how to move forward and take steps towards bringing these things about.

When you use yoga and breathing (pranayama) techniques to balance the autonomic nervous system you enter into a state known as coherence, or flow, and when in this state you can make wiser decisions. Imagine experiencing a state of flow that’s just right for you and be able to be fully present with the things you are creating in your life.

This natural flow lends way to more clarity and fulfilment.

You’ll be guided through a gentle yoga practice, short meditations and breathing techniques to settle the external distractions of our everyday lives and bring your awareness to all you are imagining and creating in your life. You will have time to practice these techniques so that you can finish the workshop with a greater sense of personal direction and clarity.

Bookings essential $55 before Feb 17th $60 there after


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